M181 LCR Meter DIY Kit

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M181 LCR meter is a practical kit for measuring the R, C, or L of either through-hole or surface-mount components. It features about 1% accuracy, which is adequate in most engineering scenarios. Not only being very easy to build, it also includes a Self Test mode that helps users to verify the correctness of assembly. Compact in size and the capability of serial output make the meter a great choice for many embedded applications.


  • Resistance range: 0.1ohm — 10M ohm
  • Capacitance range: 1pF — 10000μF
  • Inductance range: 1uH — 20H
  • Fully automatic ranging
  • Accuracy: about 1%
  • Measurement frequency: 1KHz / 100Hz selectable
  • Measurement voltage: 0.6Vpp
  • Built-in virtual USB comport for data output and firmware upgrade
  • Serial data output via USB comport or direct LVTTL
  • Display HOLD function
  • USB(5V) powered
  • Easy to build, easy to use
  • Self test mode for verifying the correctnes of assembly
  • Acrylic panels included


Kit contents
Partially pre-soldered PCB
Measurement example – capacitor
Measurement example – resistor

Measuring capacitors (through-hole)
Measuring inductors (through-hole)
Measuring resistors (SMD)
Measuring capacitors (SMD)
Measuring inductors (SMD)

M181 User Manual
M181 Assembly Guide
Component Locations

Optional accessory

Tweezers for SMD part measurement

Manufacturer website: www.jyetech.com