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WAVE2 2-Channel Oscilloscope

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Highlights of WAVE2:

  • No. of Channels: 2
  • Bandwidth: 0 – 200KHz per channel
  • Sensitivity range: 5mV/DIV – 20V/DIV (using x1 probe)
  • Maximum input voltage: 50Vpk (using x1 probe)
  • Maximum real-time sampling rate: 1MS/s
  • Time Base range 10us/DIV – 500s/DIV
  • X-Y Display Feature: Yes
  • Function Generator Capability: Built-in 0 – 20KHz (sine) dual channel DDS function generator
  • Display Resolution: 320 x 240 Color display
  • Display Size: 2.4″
  • Touch Display Capability: Yes
  • Battery-powered and portable (battery not included in DIY Kit)
  • Two standard probes (x1/x10 selectable) are included in both the kit and assembled version