DSO138mini Assembled

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DSO138mini contains the following improvements over DSO138:

    • Better structure. The bulky pin-headers connecting the LCD and main board in old DSO138 have been eliminated. The soldering of these pin-headers is problematic for beginners.
    • USB or battery powered. This is much more convenient to be used as a portable device. The new version analog board (PN: 109-13801-00H, aka "H version") can accommodate a battery charger JYE118 (see here) to make the device more practical.
    • External trigger input. This input can accept a TTL or LVTTL signal as a trigger source.
    • Serial output of waveform data. This means captured data can be saved and displayed by PC. For example, this photo shows a captured single byte (0x35) sent from a serial port at 115200bps. This photo shows the same waveform displayed on a PC using Gnuplot.
    • Use as general controller. The main board can be used as a general purpose control board with an LCD.


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Current board versions:

  • Mainboard: Ver. I (most updated)
  • Analog board: Ver. J (most updated)

Optional parts for DSO138mini:


Please visit https://jyetech.com/dso138mini-oscilloscope-diy-kit/

Manufacturer website: www.jyetech.com